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I will be showing artworks from my long exploration into emotion. I have had many conversations, done much reading and research and held correspondence with author and psychologist Abby Seixas on the topic of emotion and how to deal with different types of emotion. The over arching message I found was that we should move towards emotion rather than distract from them or move away from them.

This show will display my understanding of the topic on a visual and artistic level.

The show will run for three weeks from June 12th to July 4th at the Raglan St Gallery in North Melbourne, Australia.

The opening night is Thursday, June 12th at 7pm to 10pm.

14 Raglan St North Melbourne VIC 3051

I am aiming, through my artwork, to be playful, to comment on the world around me, to philosophize, to bring a smile to your lips or start some ripples in your mind. It is my job to start the sentence and your job, if you choose to except it, to finish it.

My prints are available in the web store and some selected outlets. For more information please visit the news section.

Leave a comment in the guestbook, email me if you have any questions, find me on facebook by typing "the art of Eddy Sara"  or click down below and become a member for the heads up on upcoming shows and events and new artworks.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your time.


Eddy Sara